Tutorial: How to create Pops campaign

Welcome to Richads. Let’s see how to start a campaign and get maximum profit.

1. Sign in to your Richads account.

2. Сlick New campaign, on the left-side menu.

3. Choose Pops campaign and click on Start.  

4. Choose a name for your campaign.  


5. Paste your offer URL to the Destination URL section. 



6. Set up the targeting.
    6.1. Set up the Country:
    - Click on field country.
    - Start typing the name of country.
    - Choose the necessary one.

NB! In one campaign you can choose only one country. For every country you need to create its own campaign. 


     6.2. Set up Regions and Cities:
     - Click on the button Include (or Exclude).
     - Start typing the name of the region or city.
       - Choose the necessary ones.

      6.3. Set up Device:
      - Check the box next to the required device.

      6.4. Set up Source sampling:
      - Enter the number of visits per source.
      - Select the period.
      - Select source definition.

      6.5. Set up Visits cap:
      - Enter the number of visits per user.
      - Select the period.


7. Set up the CPM and cpa goal.
    7.1. Set up CPM bid that you want to pay for the 1000 clicks:
    - Click on CPM field.
    - Enter necessary bid.


    7.2. Set up Budget for campaign:
    - Choose the period by clicking on buttons Per day or unlimited.
    - Enter the amount of daily budget if you click on Per day button.
    - Choose the type of budget - Even or ASAP.

    7.3. Set up CPA Goal that you want to pay for conversions:
    - Click on CPA Goal field.
    - Enter necessary Goal.

    7.4. Set up Smart CPC that reduces the cost of an advertising campaign while
    maintaining the volume of traffic:
    - Click on Smart CPC button.

Click on Create  

Now your first pops campaign is ready to start!

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