Direct Link Integration

We will tell you what a direct link is and how to connect it

What is direct link?

Direct link is a collection of CPA offers, which are selected using optimization algorithms to increase publisher's profit. 

CPA offer is a site where you need to perform a certain action, a conversion, for which the advertiser pays money. Therefore, the direct link works according to the CPA payout model. More conversions - more money.

Internal direct link algorithms select offers based on data about the user who follows the link. Thus, the user is redirected to an offer that maximizes publisher's profit.

How to setup direct link?

Direct link integration is the easiest and most convenient way to monetize. It can be installed by anyone, from the site owner, to ordinary Instagram, YouTube users. All you have to do is forward your traffic to the link. It doesn't matter how you do it, it can be advertising banners, direct redirects, links on websites or pages of social networks, etc.

It's simple, you send traffic to the link, your users convert, you get paid!

What are Mainstream Link and Aggressive Link?

The difference between these two links is in the rigidity of the offers.

Mainstream link contains verticals suitable for almost any audience. For example, mobile utilities, games, streaming services, and so on.

Aggressive link contains offers, as the name implies, of an aggressive nature. Mostly it is adult dating vertical.


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