Ad Rank indicates the actual campaign's position in the auction at the moment. It means that Ad Rank determines whether your ad will be shown to users or not and now it is shown in the interface.

This feature is formed by two measures: CTR and CPC.

Ad Rank can be high, mid or low. Each of these types will be described in more detail below.

  • High Ad Rank indicates that both CPC and CTR of the campaign are high and it is fully involved in the bidding. The campaign has a high position in the auction.

  • Mid Ad Rank indicates that CTR of the campaign is lower than the average one and CPC is not compensating it, that's why the campaign receives less volumes. It is recommended to change the creatives or to raise CPC. In this case, the campaign will get higher in the auction.

  • Low Ad Rank indicates that both CTR and CPC of the campaign are low and our system kicks the campaign out of the bidding. It is recommended to change the creatives and raise CPC to increase your Ad Rank.