Voluum has been integrated with RichAds. There are RichPush and Richpops postback template in the tracker. You just need to choose the right template. 

What to do:

  1. Sign in your Voluum account.

  2. Go to the tab Traffic Sources and click on New traffic Source button.

  3. Choose Template Richpush (Richpops).

  4. After you choose the template, all fields are filled in automatically.

  5. Then you can add parameters that you want to track (for example, country). 

    RichPush macros

    [SUB_LIST_ID] - returns a unique Subscriber list ID

    [PUBLISHER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the publisher that can contain several websites

    [SITE_ID] - returns a unique website ID

    [CLICK_ID] - returns a unique click ID (for conversion tracking)

    [BID_PRICE] - returns winning price of the click

    [CAMPAIGN_ID] - returns a unique campaign ID in our system

    [CAMPAIGN_NAME] - returns a campaign name

    [CREATIVE_ID] - returns a unique creative ID

    [COUNTRY] - returns a country name

    [COUNTRY_CODE] - returns a 3-letter country code

    [REGION] - returns a region name

    [CITY] - returns a city name

    [OS] - returns an OS name and version

    [OS_ONLY] - returns an OS name

    [OS_VER] - returns an OS version

    [USERAGENT] - returns a browser useragent string

    [IP] - returns a user's IP

    [USER_ID] - returns a unique ID of the visitor

    [RANDOM_NUMBER] - ensures that a fresh call is made to the ad server every time the code is exec

  1. After adding all parameters click on Save button.

  2. Go to the tab Campaigns and choose the campaign that you need or create a new one. 

  3. If you choose an existing campaign, you just click on this campaign and click on Edit button. Setting tab will be opened. In Source field choose RichPush (Richpops) and click on Save button.

  4. If you create a new campaign you need to fill in all fields including Source field (choose RichPush (Richpops)) and then click on Save button.